An Emotive, IRL URL incubation programme that builds a progressive and challenging space for forum and debate. These Commune-al discussions providing a safe space for voicing new ideas and variants of utopias.

This series and topics discussed are ones that chime in unison with The Curtains Hotel & CommuneEASTs objectives of discussion.
Thinking about the news and media of the day, spanning creative, political, emotional landscapes.

Tackling issues surrounding inclusivity, the existing systems of power structures and the threads of its existence, Where does it begin and end? How can we arm ourselves with active tools to combat and reach beyond these systems?

An open educational session that explores the ever-present issues within the society of discrimination towards minorities, and how to surpass and push against these structures within the everyday.

We will discuss the current conversations within these communities, ask where the responsibilities lay to challenge the system, question and discuss why safe spaces are important and look at how the creative industries are shaping these conversations. This through the lens of a celebration towards LGBTQIA+ History month.


Leanne Elliott Young

CommuneEAST co-Founder


Jamie Windust

LGBT+ Activist, Writer and Speaker.

Eden Loweth: Designer

Shadi AL-Atallah: Artist

Jesse Jones: Actor/Artist

Ashton Attzs: Artist

Lucia Blake:

Mother of Transmissions/Trans Plus wrights Activist

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