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The University of Westminster and CommuneEAST were invited by Condé Nast Worldwide News to take over their Vogue House window space during London Fashion Week. The collaboration highlights the importance of talent incubation and gives visitors insight through a literal window into the design processes and inspirations of makers today; through both IRL and URL fashion narratives. This street-level industry destination turned fashion activation will showcase the graduates’ work from conception to the final collection; thus democratizing and making publicly visible the exclusive fashion cycle. 


The project was realized through the Vogue House window display and online AR filters, accessible through QR codes in the physical space and on Instagram. The project existed to be observed, considered and collaborated with by the general public through both the physical and digital landscapes. Editorial Inspirations and process photos will be pasted across the outside walls of Vogue House. The layered and distorted images reflect on the many iterations and stages of development; from idea to physical manifestation. 

Physical objects that have inspired aspects of the designers’ collections will be displayed within the space and laid out as art objects or museum artifacts for the viewers’ consideration. The objects will also be discoverable as GIF stickers and AR filters. Both GIFs and AR filters can be found on Instagram by typing ‘Conde Nast’, ‘Westminster’ or ‘CommuneEast’ in the Stories sticker and effects search bar or capturing the QR codes displayed in the window on a smartphone. This gives viewers direct access to these digital conversations that lie parallel to the display to take away and place in different IRL environments. Interacting with these details through collaborative digital design can also help us consider the roles of inspiration points. 


A collection of physical objects which inspired the collections were given to CommuneEast. The objects were 3D scanned then manipulated and recontextualized as archeological artifacts which were then rendered as AR filters. Using QR codes placed throughout the Condé Nast shop and in the windows people could access the AR filters to interact with the designer’s inspirations. 

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‘"Creativity is one of Condé Nast’s core values and is a foundation on which our showroom is built. At Condé Nast Worldwide News we always look forward to London Fashion Week as it lets us celebrate what we believe in - a chance to empower young creatives and share passions and interests with the people we meet. Working with Westminster University has been an exciting opportunity to shine a spotlight on just some of the incredible talent London Fashion Week has to offer."

                      -- Léonore Noz, CNWN Showroom Supervisor

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"It’s been fantastic to partner with Conde Nast and CommuneEAST on such an exciting project. It has enabled us to go beyond the runway and allow a wider audience to experience first-hand the inspiration behind this year’s collections in a physical form at Vogue House, and virtually through film, QR codes, gifs and our immersive online imagery. Over the four days of London Fashion Week, both the physical and digital worlds that our students have created will change and evolve, giving a much deeper understanding of their work and allowing viewers to see into the process behind their collections." 

                       -- Professor Andrew Groves, Westminster 

‘"CommuneEast is an ideas and 'vision' institute, collating and creating the utopian taste of the future, this activation runs through both digital and physical narrative and highlights how we incubate both sphere in our design language but also the process of making, and the act of creating."


-- Leanne Elliott Young, Founder and Director CommuneEAST

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Jakrin Von Beuren created a film exploring the development of the collections from conception to execution in the final show; the film will be streamed in the window, seeking to delve with a more detailed lens into the narrative of the design processes on the BA Fashion Design course. Reiterating this project’s focus on the democratization and developmental processes of fashion design.