Our mission is to re introduce IRL conversations and to consider what is the impact that our URL ubiquitous, always-on tech driven mode is having on our cognitive processes, how is this effecting communities? we aim to build a space for questioning and free thought using contemporary  literature. to challenge and introduce new models of thinking.


‘Our deepening dependence on networking technology is indeed changing not only the way we think, but also the structure of our brains.’  

'As we enjoy the internet’s bounties, are we sacrificing our ability to read and think deeply? ' Nicholas Carr,

We will investigate, debate and converse together, drawing from collective interests to conversations incubated through the communeEAST ecosystem.


SIGN UP for a monthly  COMMUNE-ALL session to push new thinking, to build real-time moments, to continue fleeting discussions and allow them to ignite and become manifestos.


To drive contemplation beyond @handles, posts, and scrolls, to allow momentum for thought, for play, and for failure.....

We found a community of authors, thinkers, makers who were challenging some big issues with their writing and theories we are thrilled to be able to support their missions and build events that widened their readership reach but also celebrated their work through a live moment connecting them IRL.’



HIM + HIS by Helene Selam Kleih 

Panel Discussion  26-06-19 

Raising awareness and challenging the stigma of men’s mental health, come and be a part of this moment. 

LIVE creative workshops to explore how creativity can be a form of prevention and rehabilitation. We will highlight the importance of reading + literature as therapy.


Wilson Oryema- Poet Activist 

Rashid Nix - MIND Charity Trustee




QUEER INTENTIONS  by Amelia Abraham 

Panel Discussion    23-07-19 


Queer families-Queer Intentions:

A (Personal) Journey Through LGBTQ+ Culture, a first-person exploration of what it means to be LGBTQ+ in the West today, at a time when queer culture has never been so mainstream. Panellists share stories about their own queer families – from friends to club collectives to babies. Amelia asks them: Why do queer people have such a contested relationship with the concept of family, how did you find and form your own queer families, and what at does the wildly varied nature of queer families tell us about life for different people across the spectrum of gender and sexuality?,


Gemma Rolls-Bentley - Curator, Artsy consumer marketplace,Associate director

Otamere Guobadia - Writer, performer

Harry Freegard - Fashion Designer

Lady Lucia Blayke - Activist, founder of London Trans and Intersex Pride




Youth culture, IRL & URL and why printed matter matters!

Panel Discussion  13-08-19 

’In a time where we blur our realities readily through two spheres between the Irl and URL, we will look at and dissect why is IRL is so important in Youth Culture today and why printed matter is on the rise. This discussion we will hear 360 from strategic voices on tech now- to a step through the history of emerging culture in LDN-  from the pulse of the street to how clubs, activations and events are curated and managed through Dm’s to closed communication facebook groups on high fashion.

We will be investigating how media has changed and how printed matter has evolved and is relevant in the Irl x URL blend.


The iconic Mandi Lennard who’s career and reputation spans over a decade, launching the careers of Gareth Pugh, Kim Jones, Aitor Throup, Nasir Mazhar, and Roksanda Ilincic and supporting the LDN ecosystem of cultural creativity, a judge on Fashion East NewGen and International Fashion Showcase,  she is the biggest IRL energy in LDN still, delivering legendary parties for DIOR, Burberry, Calvin Klein, LOVE, M·A·C Cosmetics, Miu Miu, Saraband and her options to be heard on Show studio and Es, clients include  Matty Bovan, Ace Hotel, Bistrotheque, Katie Grand, LOVE Magazine, and Barbie, we bloody love Mandi and her basement.

Something to hate on, who’s life deep within the URL world, they bring parties, products, and creative direction to you live from Instagram, where they organise, and excite but they deliver raw IRL experiences that are community-driven culture feasts. 

Iolo Lewis Edwards, Founder of online platform HFT that’s a global conversation on fashion now that exists as a closed forum on facebook. a photographer and videographer shooting for wonderland, Dazed, Roller coaster, Gay times, Fucking Young and the Guardia.

We will have the dow low on what to read, why and understand more on IRL 



Mandi Lennard - Founder of Mandi's Basement

Max Clarke- Co founder Something to Hate on.

Iolo Lewis Edwards - Founder of HFT




Fashion Styling and Production BA (hons)

LCF London College of Fashion. SMC School of Media and Communication. UAL University of the Arts London 

“What collaboration really means, why it is important within the creative industries and how legitimate interdisciplinary conversations and relationships can be an integral building block to creative success. “

PART 1 >

Panel Discussion and exploratory session


BOOK Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-Garde Hardcover –

by Jane Alison (Author), Coralie Malissard (Author)

We shall be dissecting the current and the epoch-making collaborations from the timeline of art, music, science, literature and fashion. 

Specifically the discussion will be laying the onus on the emotional collaborative relationships as highlighted within the book Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-Garde and also the less legitimate and questionable relationships through brand, creative and commerce.

This session will lead us to answer and explore deeper some of the questions surrounding these topics including key points on:


-Education; Why it is important to breed the narrative of collaboration from the onset of creative development.

-Integrity; Why integrity and legitimacy need to be discussed and brought to attention in today's landscape.

-Collaboration, authorship and osmosis, how to develop fearlessly within collaboration.

-Cross-cultural collaborations and why diversity is important for growth.

-IRL x URL pros and cons, the relationships and communities within our new landscapes, that are building new possibilities for collaboration but also driving walls between creatives and making.



Louise Gray - Multidisciplinary designer, creative consultant and educator.

Clare Buckley - Academic Course Leader of LCF Fashion Styling and Production BA (Hons) Author.

Rosie Findlay - Academic Course Leader for MA Fashion Cultures at LCF, Author.

TJ Sidhu - Journalist, Writer at The Face Magazine.


Preview of LCF BA (hons) Fashion Styling and Production work in situ.


The Windows at The Curtain Hotel.

This is a street level exhibition showcasing physically and digitally the work of LCF BA (hons) Fashion Styling and Production considering the discussion points of creative collaboration and interdisciplinary relationships



WAIT By Wilson Oryema

Panel Discussion  12 -11-19 

Tying in with the release of Wilson Oryema's second book, centred around his favoured topic of consumption. Primarily how things consume us (humans), including shame, trauma, addiction, and more. Wilson will be leading an evening around one of the central themes of the book, Shame, featuring an insight into parts of the book which cover shame and a panel talk with several individuals with great insight into shame and how affects us.